Install Your Gadabout Studio theme

You've downloaded your theme package and... now what? Here's our guide to how to get your theme installed on your site!

Better as a visual learner? Check out our installation video.

  1. Unzip your download folder
    The download folder includes your theme, and a step-by-step install guide. To unzip it, simply double click on the folder (if you're on a Mac) or right click and select uncompress (if you're on a PC/Windows). If you have neither of these options, please Google how to unzip a folder for your computer make and model.

  2. Find the Kadence Starter Templates plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository
    Next, sign in to your WordPress account and go under Plugins → Add New. Search for Kadence Starter Templates. Install & activate!

  3. Install Kadence
    Under Themes → Add New, search for Kadence. Install the theme. You don't need to activate it!

  4. Upload your theme file
    You're ready to upload your theme! Go back under Appearance → Themes and click the Add New button. Upload the theme file from your download folder and click activate.
  5. Configure the theme
    This is the last step! Go under Appearance > Kadence > Starter Templates. Click Gadabout Studio and follow the prompts to install the demo content. I suggest doing this regardless of if you have content on your site already or not (your posts, pages, etc. won't get deleted, though any code in Additional CSS will be overwritten).

Throw confetti! Your theme is installed!